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While contributing to a social cause, one can help us arrange workshops to learn new skills from needy women who are trained under proper guidance. These workshops will motivate needy women and raise their self-esteem. To get an exciting experience of art & craft, workshops can be conducted at pre-decided locations for corporates, societies, schools, colleges, associations, academies etc. by booking through our online form or by reaching out to us on our what’s app number.
The raw materials required for the workshops can be provided by the NGO or can be arranged by the respective group. Workshops can be modified as per your needs. Come and explore all the handicraft ideas we have and learn from our well-trained NGO staff, who will be very glad to share their skills with each one of you.

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Fundraising Activities


Fundraising project of making handmade Fridge Magnets

15th July- 15th August 2022
Corvee Foundation office, Pune

Fundraising project of Kandil making Activity

7th November 2020
Corvee Foundation Office, Pune

Fundraising workshop for making handmade products

2nd - 3rd August 2019
Manshil Academy, Pune

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For the upliftment of underprivileged and needy women, we are actively trying to provide free training to enhance their skills for the creation of handicraft products. Our NGO covers the training cost and raw materials required for the training duration, so the needy women get a complete free handicraft skill development programme. After the training program, in return we can only afford to give employment to only 3/4 needy lady artisans every month or project-based work as and when required.

We would be thankful to receive support from the donors who can share the cost of remuneration of needy women employed at our NGO, who are remarkable at making beautiful handmade products.

One can sponsor a Lady Artisan and make her self sufficient and earn her livelihood through our employment program.
Another support could be by sponsoring an under-privileged lady artisan to start her own venture. Lack of funds stop some needy women from starting their own ventures. You can encourage them by providing financial support.

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